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What to Tell the Customers?
Posted On 12/30/2020 09:43:50

For each company, regardless of the business it is dealing with, it is crucial to have responsible employees that are fair and honest with their customers. When a client comes to consult with representatives of the bank, he or she wants to get credible and extensive information. It is logical to assume that a consultant should know all the details. Nowadays, it is problematic to find highly qualified workers; many bank managers are incompetent as mentioned in many essays

This situation shows us that a manager wants to sell an entire package of the bank’s products. Such process is unfair and unacceptable for a stable bank. The bank’s managers should be accurate and responsible, and they need to provide unambiguous and straightforward information. When the customer opens all kinds of accounts, it is harmful to him and the bank because of the lack of awareness. Moreover, when a bank opens unnecessary accounts for people, it violates the rights of users.

If you work as a bank manager, and your colleague provides incorrect information to the client, you must restrain yourself and be silent until the client leaves the office. Then point out the employee’s mistakes to him. In this way, you comply with all the rules of the corporate culture and ethics, save the climate in the company, and do not compromise the image of the bank in the eyes of customers.

It is necessary to inform your manager about the information that may probably be fuzzy and incomprehensible for the client. The colleague may not be not grateful to you, but you can find some ways to solve this problem together. In the future, your coworkers will give the right information to the customers. It will improve the functioning of the Bank.

Thus, it is wrong when every employee of the bank thinks only about how to sell many products and open numerous accounts. A bank needs to attract new customers as well as retain the existing ones. Bank managers have to be honest to each other and to the clients. They should not hide information from branch managers or the clients because, in this way, they can lose even more than their customers and job. Every bank manager should be complement and correct; they should help each other in the process of satisfying the customer.

For Presentation

� Bank employees should not force their clients to buy the package of bank’s

products because the client does not have an idea about what to do with all the accounts. By selling random products, the bank loses its reputation and the trust of customers.

� Bank employees’ should be accurate, responsible, and honest with their clients

and provide reliable information to meet the needs of the customers.

� Bank managers should consider corporate ethics, culture, and traditions of the bank.

� Bank employees should intervene and point out the errors of the colleague if the

coworker provides inaccurate and false information to the client.

� Bank managers have to wait when the client leaves the bank, and then they should

discuss all the mistakes.

� Bank employees should correct their own deficiencies and prevent the loss of the client

as well as build trust and sell more products in the future.

� Bank employees should cooperate on each level of management for increasing the

level of culture and ethics, improving the microclimate and the effectiveness of achieving the objectives of the bank.

- Bank managers should inform the supervisor when the customer is misinformed.

- Bank employees should discuss every moment in their job together to solve problems effectively. Honesty, accuracy, and openness are the most important things for the bank managers and their clients.

- Bank employees should tell the branch manager that they do not have to sell products using shameful ways and tricking customers.

- Bank managers should complement, correct, and help each other in their work.


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