Determined how to move forward with Diablo in the months
Posted On 03/27/2023 06:01:32 by Nfkjasfas

Since it took a small fee from each transaction. Whether or not this was the case, the overall quality of loot was extremely poor at launch D2R ladder items, and fans were justifiably suspicious--especially given that Blizzard's acquisition from Activision was only a few years old at this point, and longtime Blizzard fans were watchful for any resulting changes in corporate culture. 


Second, the existence of real-money trading made the anti-cheat methods essential for the safety for the overall game. If someone could generate the value of a product indefinitely, to take an example. It would be a source of fraud and cause a decrease in the value things. 


That was part of the"always-online" aspect that driven players' frustrations in the early days. If you're always online the system will always be looking for glitches in duplication, such as cheating however that didn't make players who chose to only play offline feel any better. 


What Blizzard did not have was an aspect that people didn't enjoy, which was mostly to help support the technical foundations of another feature that users disliked. 


The company was reassessing and determined how to move forward with Diablo in the months following the launch, they quickly concluded that the auction house had been "doing damage to Diablo" as per Wilson. The damage was visible in the gold and real money versions of the Auction House, as it ended the game's core gameplay of Diablo. 


Why would you want to hunt monsters and demons if you can just buy equally good or better equipment? But the team wasn't sure if shutting it down was even an option. The considerations were both practical--their information on players showed that a significant majority of players using the feature, and they didn't want to upset them buy d2r items. Also, it was legal, as it was mentioned within the boxes.

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