Keep on playing in the NBA following the culmination of a year
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James has been awarded four NBA championships -- two while at Miami Heat 2K22 MT, one at the home team of Cleveland Cavaliers, and his last one in 2020 at LA Lakers. The All-Around-2-Way Power Forward is a winner of 66 awards, including 12 at Hall of Fame Level.


If we look at some of LBJ's most important 2K22 statistics, his Outside Scoring has a score of 91, his Athleticism at 92, and his Layup at 98. LeBron's offensive Rebound which shows his weakness but, he's at 52. James has the potential to claim at least one more piece of the pie as he nears 20 years of playing in the league. If teammates Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook are able to get their engines moving James might be able to achieve it.


This LA Lakers great is second on our list and another player who scored a 99 NBA 2K22 game-time rating. The 6'9 All Around Threat racked up five NBA rings in his career with three Finals MVPs to his name as the Lakers battled the Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons during the 1980s.


Statistics-wise, Johnson won on court with a 98-rated Shot IQ and his Handles include an in-game rating of 98, and his pass accuracy is 99. He has a total of 36 badges, in which 5 are Hall of Fame level. Magic was chosen to take part during the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, along with Jordan, Charles Barkley and Larry Bird -- dubbed the 'Dream Team'.


Many refer to Jordan "the ultimate" and it's no surprise that we witness MJ leading the pack with six NBA championships, six NBA Finals MVP, and five MVP awards during the regular season for just some of his achievements. He was one of only four players to earn an overall rating that was 99 or more on NBA 2K22, Jordan had a dominating presence in the league Buy NBA 2K Coins. Not one time, but two times, returning to Chicago Bulls with his infamous 'I'm back' statement in 1995.

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