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For Carlos all players will need to purchase is the headband 2K MT. The headband costs 1000VC, therefore it is affordable for players who have not blown all of their VC purchasing jerseys. Put on the headband, and walk to the City Runway to get the payment for Carlos his approval of your attire.


For Sasha, head to the clothing store to purchase a Primary Logo Hoodie. The team should not matter so feel free to buy one for the team you'd like to. After obtaining it, head into the City Runway and show it off. It should come with a completed task at this point telling you the outfit was approved for Sasha.


For Sarah to complete the quest, purchase something from the store where her city affiliation is. The players have also shared that they've completed this task by wearing either the Luka jersey, or even an Adidas compression shirt, so keep that in mind if your outfits in her city are not working. After you've found the appropriate outfit you want, head over on the City Runway to fulfill this part of your quest.


For Apollo players, they will need to equip khaki pants and a gray suit to complete his requirements. From there, walk over toward the City Runway to fulfill this portion of the requirement. Then, continue in the direction of the NBA game requirements.


Leavers will not lose their 10,000 VC and those still alive can compete against simple AI opponents. It's a lot of work Buy 2K22 MT, but with 10,000 VC potentially only the line for each throw There's a chance to make money while taking a minimal risk.

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