RuneScape - I wasn't referring to the first God Wars Dungeon
Posted On 10/25/2021 23:18:59 by MMOgrfy

When she saw her destruction and RuneScape gold the four factions gathered to capture and trap her. This time they used the Frozen Key which was divided and each received one quarter. The second God Wars dungeon should not be identical to the one in 07 Scape.

I wasn't referring to the first God Wars Dungeon, but the actual second Gielinorian or the primary God Wars God Wars God Wars in the Zaros faction, despite Zaros's absence due to the loss of much of his power and having no body. I was trying to answer "What other gods were involved?" (in the primary God Wars)" Sobend's question.

It's not necessary to make an God Wars dungeon that's about the past God Wars. Maybe they just want to create one for current God Wars. It could be a part of the Tuska world event. From what I've have gathered from the report it appears to me it'll be the biggest global event ever and could even last longer than the two previous events. They even mention "there's going to be some massive, long lasting ramifications to the world" which could very well mean they will change parts of the landscape and add new battlegrounds/dungeons.

Beta Changes EoC/Legacy Mashup. Interfaces were separated from combat mode and mode combat. This means that you are now able to play Legacy interfaces as well as EoC battle, as well as the customizable interfaces. Select the option you prefer in the game's settings menu.

Melee 2H Improvements. Quake now causes 219% damage to the main target. Hurricane will now strike twice at the main goal. Meteor Strike will now deal AoE damage to nearby opponents. Meteor Strike no longer requires an opponent to have less than 50% life points. Barge now gives an opponent a 1.2 second binding. Barge is not part of a cooldown or surge. Barge that is not targeted will no longer perform surge. In a future update the barge will be modified to permit the cursor to cheap OSRS gold be targeted.

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