Since I don't want to tank. ...? Why do I have to
Posted On 10/03/2021 02:15:59 by Weiweismart

Idk what makes people think it's hard to be WOW TBC Gold a rogue . It's not that hard to receive invitations to join groups. I'm a rogue. I have been able to become fully blocked out by creating my own groups. If you aren't invited to any , then it's time to start your own groups. The great thing about creating your own groups is that you literally are able to decide what equipment you'd like to use by inviting those who do not require that gear. I had full access to the bis because I chose those who don't need leather gear.

Since I don't want to tank. ...? Why do I have to do 1k+ dps when I can accomplish 500-600 total dps (I've been able to hit 950 DPS on some boss fights, believe it or not) Off heal when required, off tank if needed, battle res ensure that the group doesn't wipe after a player makes a mistake healing, as well as innervate the healer and then give everyone in the party an extra 5% crit?

Yes, my character is a wild one, I can be a good match. While I do tend to tank, there are times when I just want to rest and gain some badges. It's awful when the group is performing AOE pulls, and I'm just slamming away at every mob dying before I score 5 combination points. Unfortunately, Cat doesn't shine in five mens. Although the utility you mention is nice, it can be a bit annoying. If there's an arcane mages within the group, they will definitely would appreciate the internals. It helps me feel a bit more comfortable about my DPS.

If your feral heals just a little, then yikes. It's not such as you're a Boomkin that is a spellcaster. While I understand that I'm not trying to give you a strategy to play, I think that the 950 level is about two-thirds of the more powerful dps classes. Anything less than this damage is almost an unassailable carry. Teams can take on 500 DPS. By requiring dps in these situations it is a loss of power over the leader of the dungeon group.

I'm only off heal for times when the healer is disabled (and the tank's health is falling to a dangerously low level, for instance) or when oom or innervate is on cooldown .... I'll off-tank if it's necessary or when the tank is damaged for reasons of any kind. Bres is also on cooldown.

It's apparent that you're constantly in a group with some incredible dps. Since we're a hybrid class I'm of the opinion that the average I'm pulling isn't too bad when you consider the other things I bring to the table. I also give an additional 5% of critique to everybody else.

My point is that tanking can increase your power in your group comp and allows you to acquire the items you desire. Even if you dps in raid or whatever. My primary is a lock and yes, I have been able to do 1500 DPS. My alt ret pally has 800+ dps for trash and 1k+ for bosses. I acquired all my ret gear on the pally by tanking and healing whenever it was needed and then was able to get the dps gear I needed by running with classes with cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold higher geared that would compete with me or by excluding them entirely from the contest.

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