Runescape is so boring that many people do
Posted On 09/15/2021 22:21:24 by MMOgrfy

It was something I was thinking of RuneScape gold for Suggestions, however I'm not sure of any concrete suggestions. This is more of my personal opinion rather instead of an idea. The main reason for the botting issue is, according to me the biggest issue with Runescape is grinding. While I haven't played WoW or any other MMO however, I know that it's less grind-free and contains less bots.

Jagex is much more adept in bot-fighting than Blizzard, which is, in and of itself, useless. Although I appreciate pride in numbers and the length of time it took to complete, we shouldn't be too naive. Grinding doesn't mean much. It doesn't require any skills or effort to perform repetitive tasks.

That's why bots were developed. Runescape is so boring that many people do not want to play to play it. They just want to play and enjoy themselves. My primary objective is to complete quests. But, the requirements are often based on grinding. I would not be playing right this moment if I didn't value the history (something which a lot of players don't seem to do).

I believe that just increasing xp will cause it to become boring. So, there will need to be changes made in the way the skills are taught, not simply an increase in the amount of xp. Engage players and get them engaged. But, I'm not sure how to accomplish this. Also create effigies that are more accessible to players who are at lower levels. Give quests much larger XP rewards. ... That's the only thing I've got.

Since I haven't played any other MMOs I'm uncertain of how this can occur. What do you think? What can you think can be done to enhance training? Do you believe that cheap RS gold the grind is the issue?

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