Re-Defining Industrial Standards with EA VPS
Posted On 05/06/2021 09:13:08 by wisepowder

Abstract: As an unprecedented cloud server tailored to forex trading on the market, EA VPS computer is devoted to a better trading environment for forex traders.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.

  WikiFX officially launched its blockbuster, EA VPS, at the end of 2019, which is the first cloud server customized for forex trading on the market, committing to providing forex traders with a better trading environment.The founding of WikiFX Cloud and the forging of EA VPS marked another milestone for WikiFX in its course of creating an ecosystem for forex traders worldwide.

  If WikiFX APP is said to help investors tackle the information asymmetry when searching platform qualifications and give them a purified investment environment, EA VPS will provide them with a convenient and secure trading process.
Commitment to the development of EA VPS is made because WikiFX has paid attention to the wide use of EA trading in the market and approved of its models prospect at the same time.

  Based on statistics, the market share of EA hits 31.5% and enjoys a stable increase.

  EA trading obviously outperforms manual trading. Firstly, EA trading is stand-up for its 24-hour uninterrupted operation without the constant consumption of time and energy in reading trading charts. In addition, it is more sensitive to price changes and able to place orders faster. Meanwhile, EA trading embraces more rational transactions without emotional waves. Myriad of its strengths have demonstrated its irresistible trend in the future.

  According to this trend, the advantages of EA trading should be developed while its disadvantages should be avoided. Speaking of the latter, a stable operating environment and a steady cyber environment are indispensable as transactions can be interrupted by a power outage or the internet disconnection, leading to the advent of WikiFX EA VPS.  As the first cloud server dedicated to forex trading, WikiFX EA VPS has been equipped with MT4/MT5 trading software and WikiFX defense system in advance which was simultaneously launched with EA VPS computer, conducting real-time examination and analysis on EAs operational data.

02. Powerful performance of system

  Every WikiFX EA VPS is independent and has hardware for exclusive use, immune to the influence of any environmental factors. Provided the steady internet speed, its operation is stable due to its excellent hardware configuration. Repeatedly debugged by WikiFX team, EA VPS can provide more investment choices to investors with its mounting capacity of over 20 trading software at present.

  03. Advantages of network

  The network of WikiFX EA VPS has involved 10 countries and regions scattered in the Middle East region, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, America, etc. WikiFX team has selected 10 out of 100 nodes worldwide with the best performance after thousands of testing, aiming to supply better trading experiences for traders.

  Based on the distribution density of global brokers, the selected 10 nodes can cover over 90% of brokers in the world, which are Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, London and Dubai.

  Given full play to the network advantages of EA VPS, orders placed by investors can be around 0.2 seconds faster than others on average. In addition, the execution of EA‘s tactics is about 5% faster than their counterparts thanks to the stable internet speed guaranteed by EA’s exclusive broadband.

  04. Data security

  Personally dedicated EA VPS fosters an independent trading environment. Besides, WikiFX defense system installed on this in advance can protect the trading system of investors in time and conduct real-time supervision with a heads-up function. Most importantly, WikiFX has created a cloud backup mechanism against disasters with a ratio of 1:1, meaning that every user is equipped with an EA VPS in reserve to guarantee an uninterrupted 24-hour operation of their EA trading.


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