4 Best Ways to Celebrate Dugra Puja in Kolkata
Posted On 10/29/2020 11:08:05 by southfernGI

Durga Puja, also known as Durgotsava, is being celebrated with enthusiasm and fervour in the state of West Bengal. It is not just a religious festival but a truly grand celebration that unites all the people and facilitates the exultation of spirit. A visit to Kolkata and a stay in one of the best hotels in gariahat for families Kolkata will be an experience of a lifetime.

What’s Special About Durga Puja in Kolkata?
Kolkata, the city of joy, is filled with numerous beautifully decorated pandals (ceremonial tents or shelters commonly put up for festivals) during these festivities. The best time to visit this city is during the auspicious and awe-inspiring Durga Puja week. There are luxury Hotels in Gariahat that offer affordable accommodation for those who wish to visit the city for this popular festival.

The uniqueness of this celebration is that in addition to those with religious fervour, even non-believers also take an active part in the festivities and unite to express love and kindness. People from different faiths come together to participate in the carnival of the year.

How to Enjoy in the Holy, Friendly Celebrations During Durga Puja in Kolkata?

1. Visit as many pandals as possible

One of the highlights of Durga Puja in Kolkata is the colourful, attractively put up pandals all around the city and its outskirts. The best way to enjoy this week is to go pandal-hopping and check out the maximum number of these amazing displays of religious and artistic decorations. Staying in the strategic Hotels in Gariahat will enable you to achieve this.

2. Take a look at the Kola Bou Bath

The invocation of Goddess Durga’s presence is one of the major rituals that begin early in the morning. The bathing of a banana tree dressed similar to a bride, (known as Kola Bou) in the Hooghly river before dawn is something you need to witness. The bathing of Goddess Durga clad in a sari, this religious event may be watched from several places. Choose a best budget hotel in Gariahat of Kolkata that is close to these places.

3. Witness the Kumari Puja

Another significant ritual, Kumari Puja depicts worshipping Ma Durga in the innocent form of an unmarried girl. This is a great ritual that describes how the energy of the Goddess is omnipresent in all beings.

4. Watch the immersion of Durga Idols in the river
Take a boat to witness this at popular immersion points such as Babu Ghat. Red Road offers an amazing view of Durga idols being ceremoniously taken in procession to the ghats.

5. Wrap-up
The colourful decorations, displays, and the mouth-watering food that are abundant during the Durga Puja will mesmerise any visitor. Enjoy the true spirits of Kolkata by staying in Hotel South Fern, one of the top Hotels in Kolkata that offers safety and comfort.

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