How to clean aquarium activated carbon correctly?
Posted On 10/21/2020 03:56:56 by dingxinda9

Activated carbon is a widely used water filtration agent. People have been using this for a long time to preserve their fish tank. If you have an interest in fish keeping, you will know the benefits of using activated carbon in aquariums. But, what happens after the carbon stops working?  How to clean activated carbon for aquariums?


Activated carbon usually has a short life span. When you put it in your aquarium, it starts working right away.activated carbon for air purification  It discards the toxin substances like chlorine and heavy metals. You can see the water getting cleaner, giving off a fresh smell that is healthy for the fish living in the tank.


But it will wear off after a period. The depletion of activated carbon takes almost three or four weeks. Some might not last that long due to the dirty water condition of the aquarium. To utilize it to the fullest extent, make sure your aquarium is clean before putting the Activated Carbon in it.


So, when do you know that your activated carbon has stopped working? It is when you notice the water color turning into a yellow one, but the most significant change will be the scent. You can’t always detect the color change. So if you start getting an odd smell from the water, you will know that it is time to change the carbon.


Sometimes activated carbon gets jammed up by the existing debris of the tank. coconut shell based activated carbon pellet In that case, you just have to clean the charcoal filter, and it will start working fine like before. Cleaning activated carbon is not a hard thing to do. You only need to take some proper measures regarding the cleaning method.


Step 1: First of all, shut off all the electrical connections of the aquarium. If you have any water controlling valve, switch it off as well. Then carefully remove the filter bag from the aquarium.


Step 2: After carefully taking off the filter, move it to a basin or bathtub. Try to avoid spilling the dirty water on the floor.


Step 3: Your filter could have the charcoal in a casing, or in a loose state. Either way, take out the container or the loose charcoal from the filter.


Step 4: Immerse the charcoal into distilled warm water for five minutes. Then again rinse it with running water for several minutes. It will eradicate any extra residues from the charcoal body.


Step 5: After cleaning it thoroughly, take out the activated carbon. Now try holding up the coal near your ear. Can you hear anything? If you can hear faint cracks or crunching sound coming from it, put it back in the filter. If no sound can be heard, then the carbon is no longer functional. You need to replace it.

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