Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifiers
Posted On 10/09/2020 03:32:22 by dingxinda9

Bamboo is antimicrobial: By nature, bamboo is antimicrobial which means all the air that passes through the bamboo charcoal leaves when all the bacteria are dead. This makes bamboo charcoal purifiers ahead of the other purifier types since most of them don’t kill bacteria while purifying the air. So, choosing bamboo charcoal as your purifier will give you the extra advantage of killing bacteria in the air on top of purifying it.granular activated carbon price


Bamboo charcoal is a good dehumidifier: Bamboo charcoal has pores that are large enough to allow both air and water molecules to pass through. If air with a slightly high humidity passes through the bamboo charcoal purifier, some of the water will be absorbed by the charcoal and the purified air will leave with the right amount of moisture. On the other hand, if the incoming air is very dry, the charcoal will release some of the moisture into the air which in turn makes the outgoing air more moist.


Bamboo is a natural deodorizer: Most of the artificial air purifiers/fresheners add some form of scent into the contaminated air as a way of dominating the bad smell to make the target space smell better. In cases where the bad odor in the space is so strong, these artificial air purifiers may not do a good. On the other hand, bamboo charcoal doesn’t add any new smell into the air but removes the components that bring about the bad odor in the air. At the end of the purification, the outgoing air comes out with a natural scent that smells fresh to your nose. This is the healthy air that you’re supposed to breathe and not the good scent created by chemicals in the artificial purifiers that could even be dangerous to your health.


It removes all sorts of pollutants from the air: Besides removing the bad odor, bamboo charcoal also removes most of the pollutants from the air that could be dangerous to our health. Some of the pollutants that bamboo charcoal removes include; ammonia, carbon dioxide, benzopyrene, carbon monoxide and other components of smoke that might be present in the air.


Long-lasting: Another reason why bamboo charcoal beats the rest of the purifiers is its capacity to be used for a long time before replacing it. Bamboo charcoal purifiers can last more than one year as long as you reactivate the charcoal every after 2 months. Reactivation means putting your pack of bamboo charcoal in direct sunlight for about 1 or 2 hours. This reactivates all its purifying properties to their original state.


Bamboo charcoal is healthy and eco-friendly: Bamboo charcoal is 100% natural and does not contain any artificial chemicals. With this kind of purifier, the purified air that is distributed in the room will also be natural which is good for the health. It is also safer to dispose off bamboo charcoal bags without worrying that they will have any negative impact on the environment.ningxia yongruida carbon co. ltd

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