Do you know the truth about activated carbon?
Posted On 09/28/2020 04:21:44 by dingxinda9

Activated charcoal — which certainly differs from the briquettes tossed in the grill — can cause some mild GI upset, including diarrhea. Some people mix it with laxatives to avoid this. Otherwise, the hazards are low, says Lynch.yongruida carbon


But does activated charcoal really do what fans claim it can? After all, doctors often use it in emergency rooms to treat overdosing and poisoning.


"Activated" means the charcoal — made from wood, peat, or coconut shells — was heated, expanding its surface area. The charcoal clings to substances in the stomach, such as aspirin, and prevents the body from absorbing it. This is the reason people think that charcoal can help with hangovers; they believe it absorbs the alcohol, halting the icky symptoms associated with over-imbibing.


“It does not bind well to ethanol or alcohol because of the chemical structure,” says Lynch, putting that myth to rest.


Some people worry, too, that toxins or metals build up in their bodies, and believe charcoal supplements will draw out the bad substances. It doesn't bind to metal, though, and the body already does a good job with toxins.


“Our bodies have the ability to detox ourselves. That is the majority of the role of the liver … it does so much of the detoxing,” Kristin Kirkpatrick, manager of wellness nutrition services at Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, tells TODAY.


Activated charcoal does bind well to many prescription drugs, though. This means that people who rely on something like blood pressure medication and also take charcoal might make medication less effective.


“If you take [charcoal] about the time when you are taking your normal prescription medication … it would limit your ability to absorb [them],” Lynch says.powdered activated carbon price

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