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His contribution to OSRS gold science
Posted On 11/29/2020 20:27:03 by rsgoldfast

He probably does not. He knows his fanbase well enough to cater to them with this sort of thing His contribution to OSRS gold science, engineering, and space exploration is unparalleled in modern times. I think his flavour of futurism takes next to no consideration of the working class, and by extension has a great deal of ideas which are ludicrous at best and dangerous at worst.


If we removed everything from the world that has some bad parts for it, there would... Read More

I need to understand what it is ideal for me
Posted On 11/23/2020 02:14:19 by Sunxuemei

Would a OSRS gold stunt cannon be worth the purchase price? It's pretty awesome for ranged coaching, but I do not know whether you want to invest all the cash on cannonballs. Your choice. Red chinchompas are supposed to be the speediest ranged exp, but are there any other people, and if so do they have the exact same effect but they're just weaker? Just how much better is dragon armor than rune precisely? I think that the amount of extra protection in melee stats may alter i... Read More

I believe runelite is the OSRS gold
Posted On 11/18/2020 19:51:09 by rsgoldfast

I believe runelite is the OSRS gold most popular as rsbuddy requires a superior to get all the features (also the developer of rsbuddy kicked a Ideal hissy fit when runelite Began to become popular and people stopped buying superior ) It is way better than OSBuddy. It has all the qualities of RSBuddy without needing to pay for anything.


Runelite is an excellent open-source customer that is officially supported. 90% of the PC players use it and that comprises mos... Read More

Old School Runescape Streamer Gets Insanely Rare Double Drop
Posted On 11/17/2020 20:43:15 by Tonyfirst

Some players can spend years looking for the rarest drops in Old School Runescape, but streamer Jakeyosaurus lucked out along with two simultaneously.

It was only another day for Twitch streamer Jakeyosaurus as they started up Old School Runescape while using the intent to do some Treasure Trail quests. He had 150 Hard reward caskets, so he soon started digging until he unearthed a Cheap OSRS GoldTreasure Trail scroll.

Many players fall into the trap of looking for the r... Read More

This is a bad choice
Posted On 11/17/2020 19:30:48 by Smarthuiyuan

- Pest control. This is a bad choice in my opinion, however extremely common. Because of the relatively new pest management system, its actually not that speedy xp anymore, and it won't get you any hitpoints xp, and will be dull and RS gold frustrating sometimes. Id guess, playing perhaps 2-3 hours every day on average, coaching from level 80-99 would take around 8-10 weeks at pest management.

- Giant skeletons in Damis' lair. This is my favorite training spot, and is o... Read More

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